Approved Continuing Education List

2023 Approved CE Courses/Conferences

Course Location Presenter Date Approved Hours
Growing Grit-ND Coucit for Exceptions Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
Beckman Oral Motor Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
ADOS-2 Clinical workshop: Standardize inst. & Diagnosis ASD Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
Comprehensive Virtual IMSE Orton-Gillingham Training Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
National Speech-Language Hearing Association-Minot State Campus Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
ND Speech-Language Hearing Association Spring Conference Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
Social Thinking Free Webinars ( Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
ND Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved 6
TEACCH Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
Closing the GAP Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
California Academy of Audiology Annual Convention Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
Integrating Research & Practice in Early Intervention Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
Parenting the Love and Logic Way Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
American Society on Aging Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved Pre-Approved
Explicit and Systematic Therapy Strategies based on Evidence Based Practice Moorhead, MN Margo Kinzer-Couter April 27-28, 2023 15
PCI HIPAA Annual Training and Assessment  Bismarck, ND PCI HIPAA Online Software  Online 1
Infant and Child Feeding, Tethered Tissues Grand Forks, ND Lisa Clauson January 18, 2023 1
2023 Mind Matters Brain Injury Conference Mandan, ND & virtual various March 23-24, 2023 12
The Meaningful Speech Course Online Alexandria Zachos Online Self-Paced 25
Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Online Instructor Certification Online Tricia Gomez Online 16
Behavior Bootcamp Devils Lake, ND Dr. Katherine Terras January 10, 2023 7
Additional AT Tools: Boardmaker, SLP Toolkit, ASHA webinar and Make & Take Fargo, ND Kim Myers January 20, 2023 6
Ableism Fargo, ND Tamara Uselman February 14, 2023 1.2
Comprehensive Assessment Data and Strategies for Speech Educators Mandan, ND Marie Ireland Jan 3, Feb 9, Feb 22, March 29, 2023 9
Book Study: The Lakota Way: Stories & Lessons for Living Mandan, ND Travis Albers February 2,9,23 & March 2,9, 2023 12.5
Back to Basics Boot Camp: ND Coucil for Exceptional Children-State Conference  Minot, ND David Hoff February 1,2,3, 2023 15
Emotionally Agility in the Future-Self; Evidence Based Executive Function Stratagies Lifespan Grand Forks, ND Sucheta Kamatha September 29, 2023 6
ACC in the Cloud (Track 2; AAC for Professional and Supporter Fargo, ND Kim Myers June 10,28,29, 2023 16
Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LIPS) Virtual Patricia and Phyllis Lindamood February 28 & March 4, 2023 19.5
STAR Autism Support Harvey, ND Elizabeth Price February 8, 2023 5
Infant and Child Feeding, Bottle Feeding & Swallowing Grand Forks, ND Jeffifer Anhorn January 11, 2023 1
411 on Inpatient Rehab Criteria Fargo, ND Racheal Towner June 6, 2023 1
5 Online Course Modules-Related to Brain Injury UND Blackboard System Carly Endre Continuous 8.5
Speech Retreat Rockstars Virtual Various March 2023 6
Backman Oral Motor Training Virtual Debra Backman April 27-28, 2023 15
Safety Care Training Haten, ND Misty Iverson August 1-2 2023 14
Addressing Anxiety and Work Avoidance Mandan, ND Dr. Jessica Mineham February 21, 2023 6
Level 1-3 Training Sessions for Barton Reading & Spelling System Online Susan Barton Continuous 17
Murphy Only-Vocabulary Instruction in Grades 3-5 Bismarck, ND Tina Plentary Winter of 2023 15
Science of Reading: Reaching all Learners Virtual AIM Institute for Learning Independent completion 20
LRP's National Institute Special Ed Law Conference  New Orleans, LA Various April 17-19, 2023 14
NDSoR: Reaching all Learners ONline AIM Institute for Learning Open enrollment 15
LETRS for Early Childhood Education Online Course and In-Person Online Lucy Hart Paulson September 2022 - August 2023 45
Parkinson's Seminar Mandan, ND Jimmy Choi, Jennie Cornell, April B September 21, 2023 4
Treatment strategies for the Improvement: The Child with neuromuscular involvement Online Rona Alexander June 22-23, 2023 13
Apraxia Assessment and Treatment Fargo, ND  Jennie Bjorem December 1, 2023 6
2023 Concussion Symposium Virtual Various September 15, 2023 5
Behavior Bootcamp: Moving Beyond the Basics Devils Lake, ND  Dr. Katherine Terras January 10, 2023 8
Improving Executive Functions: Evidenced Based Strategies to change behavior-facilitated  Devils Lake, ND  Various March 22, 2023 8
Lactation Counselor Training course B Online Karin Cadwell Independent completion 52
Medical SLP Collective Theresa Richard Online Theresa Richard May 22-23, 2023 14
SLP 605-Ethics in SLP Online Dr. Klaire Brumbaugh May-August 2023 30
2023 Parkinson's Symposium Minot, ND Megan Dooley September 20, 2023 4
School based related service providers-current essentials for Midwest Practitioners Devils Lake, ND Erika Hanson November 7, 2023 6
49th Annual IDA-UMB Conference 2020 Online Various April 21 - June 21, 2023 10
Truth, Hope, and Healing: Always be prepared to give a reason for your hope Bismarck, ND Tom McGovern December 1, 2023 5
Topics in Aphasia Therapy Grand Rounds Fargo, ND Paige Campbell August 29, 2023 1
All Hands on Deck: Promoting recovery from brain injury and managing the most adverse outcome Virtual Kimberly Gorgens September 16, 2023 4
IEP Untangles Online Various Self Pace Online 18
Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery TeleECHO Series Virtual Various September 19, 2023 1
The Ethical Practice of working with Deaf and hard of Hearing Students Online Louise Sattler October 3, 2023 1.5
Prevention of Medical Errors Online Various October 3, 2023 2
Language & Literacy: Connecting Oral Language and Leteracy in therapy sessions Online Betsy Glover March 27, 2023 2
Neurodiversity affirming practice for the Autistic population Online Rachel Dorsey April 21, 2023 2
Language and literacy: Considerations for Dyslexia Online Arnie Flowers March 27, 2023 1.5
Central Auditor Processing disorders: A distinct diagnosis Online Catherine Conlin March 10, 2023 1.5
I have a voice Eval..Now What? An introduction to PRAAT Online Jolene Denn 2022-2023 1
Do you have true grit? Learn to improve your grit, develop a growth mindset to battle burnout Online Angie Landauer July 2023 1
Freedom from Falls: A Fall Prevention program training for SLPs Online Jolene Denn March 2023 2.5
Aquired Apraxia of Speech: A Guide to Assessment and Intervention Online Jolene Denn May 2023 1
Head, Hands, Heart: A tailored approach to Dementia Care Online Jolene Denn June 2023 1
Behavioral Health & Children and Family Services Conference: Building skills to serve youth with severe emotional disturbances and underlying complex trauma Bismarck, ND Nicola Herting October 24-26, 2023 1
Behavioral Health & Children and Family Services Conference: Connecting with American Indian Families Bismarck, ND Tami DeCoteau October 24-26, 2023 1
Behavioral Health & Children and Family Services Conference: Stop walking on eggshells: Supporting people with intellectual development disabilities Bismarck, ND Heidi Paulson October 24-26, 2023 1
Summer 2023: CSD 737 & 724 Counseling in communication disorders: Fall 2023 CSD 726 Organic voice and speech disorders CSD752 Fluency disorders University of Wisconsin Various June-December 2023 90
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